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We are currently in need of:


  • Teacher Assistants (Virtual)

  • Teachers for after-school and summer youth programs

       *   Marketing Manager

  • Administrative Assistant/Office Manager 

  • Costume Manager

  • Stage Manager

  • Director

  • Assistant Director

  • Tech/Audio Manager

  • Actors/Actresses

  • Virtual Actors & Actresses

  • Kids of all ages

  • Community Service Volunteers

  • Videographer/Editor for Virtual Theater

  • Internships 

  • Other



We are now recruiting in Champaign, Indiana and Chicago and are  looking for individuals who would like to use their talents in our new production, "The Good News" and also children/youth between the ages of 5-17 and part-time Teacher Assistants for our new IBTK Summer Program. for kids.  Whatever your gifts, education, expertise, and skills are, we would love for you to use them in this production. Being  a part of this community outreach production is indeed a rewarding experience.  



This is a way you can give back to the community as we are an outreach community organization looking to entertain and provide ministry and serve those in need through our community productions.  There also will be opportunities to participate in Biblical skits during Easter and Christmas annually.  



If you have artistic youth between the ages of 5-17 they can participate in our  youth art summer camp and/or are community productions.  We would love to give your child an opportunity to gain public speaking skills, acting, writing, reading, and other skills improved during our youth art camp and after school care programs.  



If you are a college student and looking for an  internship in the Arts in any capacity (e.g. directing, acting, managing, facilitating, we would love to use your gifts and talents in any of our community events.  



If you are a pastor and would like your church ministries  to participate, we would love to partner in some way. Ministries such as children, creative arts, music, youth or your Sunday school, we would love to give you an opportunity to serve in whatever capacity you choose.   This will  be a great way for your young adults, children, and adults to use their skills and talents in a community outreach event. 

Ages for cast can range from 5-75

depending upon the 

   character role.


Note: We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit community organization so the majority of our positions are strictly volunteer. However, instructors for the improv Summer Program are paid positions. 



Please contact us through our contact us page or email us at for further information. You can also contact us via phone at 217-407-3022. We will return your call within 24 hours.

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