Youth Development

We provide training and leadership programs for the youth looking to learn more about theater, directing, managing teams, stage, team leadership, and other areas as it relates to leading. The youth will have an opportunity to lead a variety of different projects within our communiand ty plays, art and theater  programs.The rehearsals and leadership classes are designed to help train youth in all aspects on putting together a production. They will have an opportunity to put together presentations, learn public speaking skills, lead groups, and attend youth development and training programs. It also helps to build self-esteem, and confidence and provides a positive environment for young adults looking for an outlet to express their creativity.  This training provides them the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage or virtually, and improve their artistic skills tremendously. We provide a variety of art, acting, youth development, and leadership classes in our Summer Art & Theater programs which usually runs from June-Aug annually. 


Students also get an opportunity to gain community service credits and meet other students just like them. 

improv kids in class (3).jpeg