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Virtual Theatre, Expression, Storytelling Activities

Standing at a Concert

Although events have ceased during this global pandemic crises, we will continue to move forward with acting, storytelling, memorizing and a variety of activities that will be great for the whole family. All you have to do is review the activity sheet and get ready to have some fun creating with your family.  Acting out, creating stories using improv techniques, writing, directing, leading, painting or drawing stories, as well as memorize biblical passages and more!

Everyone can do an activity by yourself or with a group, your parent, sibling, spouse or anyone.  Kids can have fun creating this activity over the summer. Become the character! Create your own costume, write the story, make it come alive, memorize the verses and then bring it to life, right at home! Take pictures, record yourself and send it to us through our contact us page. Your creation will be available at the end of Spring to view along with many others.  

Click on the video below to learn more about our new virtual theater!
CHMBT Virtual Theater Flyer.JPG
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