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About Us



The mission of CHM Bible Theatre Productions, CHMBT, is to present innovative and inspiring stage play productions along with culturally competent educational programming.



Our vision is to own a community theater building that will allow us to offer a variety of programs and classes to the artistic creative leader in various communities. 



CHMBT is a faith-based organization who's goal is to provide quality theatrical experiences and to train students and young adults with valuable life skills. CHMBT supports quality theater arts that bring families, churches, and communities together

Our Purpose

The purpose of CHMBT is to reach out to various communities to provide social service programs by presenting annual productions and offering youth summer art programs and creative classes. The intent is to give youth an opportunity to use their creativity, skills and talents using biblical and inspirational creative stories making it fun and exciting. The youth will be able to use critical thinking to create their own stories, develop leadership, public speaking, reading, acting, theatrical experience, writing, and other skills throughout the programs.   We want to be able to provide opportunities for artistic students and adults to share their talents in a variety of fine art programs while at the same time, inspiring others and giving them a chance to use their gifts in the community.  Students are also able to gain community service credits applicable to earning school community work credits and could eventually create a job opportunity. Free food, clothing, toys, books, art supplies, Bibles and school supplies are available for free at each production. 

Core Values

Community Involvement, Unity & Diversity
Performing Arts for Kids an Adults 
Increased Spiritual Awareness
Creative Leadership
Perfecting Talents/Skills/Artistic Abilities
Youth Involvement
Biblical and Inspirational Plays    
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