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The Parental Support Grant, PSG, program, aims to provide financial assistance to parents who are unable to afford the costs associated with enrolling their children in youth development programs. These programs play a vital role in fostering personal growth, skill development, and social integration among young individuals. Recognizing the importance of such opportunities, this grant seeks to alleviate financial barriers and ensure that all children have access to enriching experiences regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Eligibility Criteria:

Parents or legal guardians with children between the ages of 5 to 17 are eligible to apply.


Applicants must demonstrate financial need, supported by relevant documentation such as income statements, tax returns, or proof of government assistance.

The income threshold should be at 200% of the federal poverty level, meaning families with incomes below twice the poverty level are eligible for assistance. The federal poverty level for a family of four is around $26,500 annually. Therefore, a family of four earning below $53,000 per year could qualify for assistance under this guideline.

The child must be enrolled or intending to enroll in a recognized youth development program, which may include sports clubs, arts or theater classes, STEM workshops, leadership programs, or similar initiatives focused on holistic development.


Priority will be given to families facing significant financial hardship, including single-parent households, families with multiple children, and those experiencing sudden financial setbacks such as job loss or medical expenses.

Grant Coverage:

The grant will cover a portion or the full cost of enrollment fees, program materials, transportation expenses, and other associated costs directly related to the youth development program.


Funding may also be allocated for additional support services if deemed necessary, such as tutoring, mentoring, or equipment purchase.

The amount granted will vary based on individual circumstances and the specific requirements of the chosen program, with a maximum limit established to ensure equitable distribution of funds.

PSG Application

Application Process:

      ✓ Complete PSG application
      ✓ Submit copy of monthly household bills and any other monthly expenses.
      ✓ Copy of W2 or tax return


A selection committee will review applications on a rolling basis, taking into account the severity of financial hardship, the potential impact of the youth development program on the child's development, and available funding.

Successful applicants will be notified promptly and provided with detailed instructions on how to access the grant funds and enroll their child in the chosen program.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Recipients of the Parental Support Grant may be required to submit progress reports periodically, detailing their child's participation, achievements, and overall development.

Feedback from parents, program organizers, and participants will be collected to assess the effectiveness of the grant in facilitating access to youth development opportunities and addressing financial barriers.

Adjustments to the grant criteria and allocation process may be made based on the outcomes of ongoing monitoring and evaluation efforts, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with the needs of eligible families.

By implementing the Parental Support Grant, CHM Bible Theatre aims to empower parents to provide their children with equal opportunities for growth and success, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Investing in youth development not only benefits individual children but also contributes to building stronger, more inclusive communities for the future.

Are you the Head of Household?

Commitment Statement for PSG Program Parents

As a parent applying for the PSG program, I hereby commit to the following:


Supporting my Child's Participation: I understand the importance of my child's involvement in the youth development program and commit to supporting their active participation to the best of my ability.

Encouraging Learning and Growth: I will encourage my child to approach the program with an open mind, readiness to learn, and a positive attitude, recognizing that personal growth often comes from embracing new challenges.

Prioritizing Attendance and Engagement: I recognize the significance of regular attendance and active engagement in the program activities. I will ensure that my child attends scheduled sessions and actively participates in program-related tasks and discussions.

Communicating with Program Organizers: I will maintain open communication with the program organizers, promptly informing them of any concerns, challenges, or scheduling conflicts that may affect my child's participation. I understand the importance of collaboration between parents and program staff in ensuring the success of the program.

Respecting Program Policies and Guidelines: I will familiarize myself and my child with the program's policies, rules, and guidelines, ensuring compliance with expectations regarding behavior, safety, and respectful interaction with peers and instructors.

Providing Feedback and Evaluation: I am committed to providing constructive feedback and participating in program evaluations, sharing insights into my child's experiences, progress, and any areas for improvement. I recognize the value of feedback in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the program for future participants.

Encouraging Continued Participation: I will encourage my child to remain committed to the program for its duration, recognizing the long-term benefits of sustained participation in youth development activities for their personal growth, skill development, and future opportunities.

By signing this commitment statement, I affirm my dedication to supporting my child's participation in the youth development program funded by the Youth Grant and to upholding the principles of engagement, communication, and collaboration outlined herein.

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