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Kids Summer
Arts,Theater and Leadership Youth Programs

The Kids Summer Arts & Theater Program is a great way to have your kids involved in creative art and theater projects while learning valuable life skills that can be applied anywhere.


The projects that your kids can work on are:  theater, creating stories, biblical stories and history, memorizing, Improv, arts & crafts, painting, drawing, reading, writing, public speaking, leadership, art work for calendars, creating inspirational stories props & stage sets, acting, cards for seniors, and a kids play to be presented this summer on a live stage!

Virtual and/or in-person programs available.


To register, please review the following documents linked in the buttons below for more information about the programs as well as their costs. To sign up for a program, fill out the form below and then click on the appropriate button(s) at the end of the page to pay the fees. If you are interested in teaching, click here

Also, if you are not interested in our summer youth programs and would still like your child to participate in some way, you can register your child to be in a kid's play and talent show for $35.00. That includes the registration fee. You get to see your child perform on stage! If you can't afford it, please ask about our scholarship program.

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to contact us!

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Registration Form
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Please choose a program below and add to cart to purchase.

click the down arrow to select your program and add to cart. 

Registration Fee $25

Ask about our virtual programs!

Summer Youth Programs $100

Kids Play & Talent Show $10 

CHMBT Presents "David and Goliath" Kids Play at Meadowbrook Church

CHM Bible Theatre presents at Meadowbrook Community Church  the "Mega Sports Camp" - Creative Arts for our Summer Kids Program.

Click Here to see Kid Photos from the Kids Play

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