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CHM Summer and Afterschool  Kids Programs
Improvisational Bible Theater (IBT) is specifically for youth in the community between the ages of 5-12. 
IBTK is a unique and fun way to form a live theatre in which the plot, characters, and dialogue of a game, scene, or story are made up in the moment. 

The kids will have an opportunity to:

  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Self-Esteem
  • Increase Reading Skills
  • Increase Biblical Knowledge
  • Develop Memorization Skills
  • Develop Reading Skills
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Develop Creative Writing Skills
  • Learn Public Speaking Skills
  • Utilize Critical Thinking Skills
  • Use Decision Making Skills

They will be able to learn these skills during 
rehearsals, drama training, coaching, games
 and activities using Improv Theater techniques.​


Improv Bible Theater for Kids Summer Program
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May 23, 2020

Summer School Curricula:

Public Speaking / Leadership Skills
Creative Arts (Art, Drawing, Painting)
Kids Acting 101 – storytelling / Improv / theater / on stage
Help with homework / Reading Program
Improve your English skills (Asian Population)

Kids Program