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office 217-407-3022 
registration/audition/volunteer line 317-763-0364 
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Contact CHM Bible Theatre Productions 
Please contact CHM Bible Theatre Productions if you have questions about our productions, auditions, rehearsals, Improv for Kids, volunteering or other opportunities at CHM.  You may contact our office at 217-407-3022 during our office hours.  To leave a message regarding auditioning for a play, registering your child for our IBTK Program or volunteering to help, please contact us at 317-763-0364 or 217-407-3022 or email us at [email protected]  You can also write us at PO Box 7604, Champaign, IL  61826.  Please send your comments or questions using the form below. 

CHM Bible Theatre Productions locations:

​Champaign location - at selected venues
Chicago locations - at selected venues
Indianapolis Locations - at selected venues

​Mail all correspondence and donations to:

Hours of Operation

10 AM - 4 PM
10 AM - 4 PM
​10 AM - 4PM
10 AM - 4PM
10 AM - 4PM

9 AM - 12PM

 CHM Bible Theatre Productions
 PO Box 7604
 Champaign, IL 61826

 Contact us:
 offce:  217 - 407-3022
 registration/audition / volunteer line 317 - 763-0364 

 Email: [email protected] 

 Please allow us 24 hours  to respond to your request. 

 Thanks for your support and we appreciate your   business!

 CHM Administration Team 

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Hi!  I'm Meghan, Administrative Assistant for CHM Bible Theatre Productions. If you have any additional questions, Please feel free to email me directly at 
[email protected]  

Thank you!