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About CHM Bible Theatre Productions, Inc.,
CHM Bible Theatre Productions, Inc. is a grassroots faith-based organization devoted to presenting inspirational and innovative stage play community productions, providing holistic, culturally and competent programs in various communities. Our goal is to bring unity in communities by presenting productions using a diverse group of people between the ages of 5 and 80 selected from churches, private schools, universities, theater and other organizations. 

Our vision is to transform one million lives through our gospel stage play productions.

The heart of CHM is to reach out to various communities to provide social service programs by presenting productions and offering youth summer art programs using Biblical stories.   The intent is to give  youth an opportunity to use their creativity, skills and talents in something fun and exciting that will help them grow in various areas. to develop and improve leadership, public speaking, reading, acting, writing and other skills that are developed during the programs. The commpresent the truths of the Bible on stage to give people hope, convert the soul, transform lives, hearts and minds towards their creator.  Those whom attend the event will encounter an “Entertainment Ministry Experience.”  

The purpose of our community organization is to present biblical stage plays for various communities using a diverse group of people from  churches,  universities, public/private/Christian schools, neighborhoods, and youth programs. To offer summer art camps for artistic kids as well as an afterschool all year around care program. This will allow the youth to get involved in something positive in their communities.  This results in youth  developing leadership skills, improved communication, reading, and memorization skills, ability to use their own creativity and in the arts, gain theatrical experience, public speaking skills. Also provide an opportunity for students to gain community service credits applicable towards earning school community work credits. Another purpose is to be able to provide  free food (non-perishable items), clothing, blankets, toys, books, and Bibles for the underserved after each production. 

Community Involvement
Youth Involvement
Spirituality and Inspiration
Entertainment Ministry
Empowerment and Impact
Biblical History

To contact CHM for any of their community outreach programs, you may send requests on our Contact Us Page or contact us via phone.  

To make donations please click on the button above.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization so your donations are tax deductible. We really appreciate your support!

         ***Please ask us how we can help as a fundraiser for your church or special  event.***

During the recruitment process, we  will come to your church to present biblical skits  and will also present illustrated sermons. Please contact us for more information. 
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